The 'Rotary Youth Trust for Luton'
is an awards-giving trust
It is the policy of the trustees to make awards to young people within the objects as defined in the Deed of Settlement which is "the provision of financial assistance and other such charitable support as the trustees shall from time to time think fit for the benefit of young people between the ages of 14 and 22 living, working or attending an educational establishment within the Borough of Luton".

In 2016 the Rotary Youth Trust received a significant endowment from the Steel Charitable Trust to enable the Youth Trust to increase its charitable support within the same provisions under the name of 'Robert Steel Memorial Awards'.

The Rotary Youth Trust relies upon public donation and the ongoing support of the Luton Rotary Clubs for the provision of additional funding and its future growth.

The current Trustees are:
David King
Robert Barker
John Childs
Julia Siegler
Peter Collins
Alastair Hay
David Worker
Please contact us via email at:
Charity Registration Number: 1107498
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